Comodo Download Helper

The download area on the Comodo site doesn’t make it clear that what you are going to be downloading is nothing more than a silly download helper. The size of the download helper is shown wrong so you can’t verify that what you have downloaded is correct.

But the thing that really makes the download helper such a silly idea is when you are installing Comodo on a new computer. You have to open up the computer to potential attacks, since it is very unlikely that the download helper provides any protection while it goes on-line to download the real installer.

You should have the option to download the real installer so you can move it via USB thumb drive to a new computer and have working security setup before allowing Net access. The download helper leaves the new computer vulnerable while it goes through all the extra hoops.

It wasn’t that long ago that users who had just installed WinXP found themselves hit hard by malicious attackers before they could even go to Microsoft and get the first critical update. Just allowing the computer to have Internet access was all it took if you didn’t take precautions before allowing Net access.

The new Comodo download helper is not new computer friendly.

The download helper let’s you store the installer to a folder of choice.

Or get the off line installers from Unofficial Offline CIS 4.0.135239.742 Final installers..

Okay, so the download helper allows you to store the installer to a folder. That can only happen after you have allowed your unprotected computer to go on-line. So, lets see which one makes more sense and offers a greater amount of security.

  • Expose a unprotected new computer to potential harm on-line so that the actual installer can be downloaded that will eventually protect a new computer going on-line.

  • Install the protection first before the new computer ever sees one byte of on-line traffic.

Let’s suppose RAR Lab’s released their archiving software package in RAR format. How do you use WinRAR to un-RAR the WinRAR package? The very thing you need to un-RAR the package, is the very thing that is locked up inside a RAR archive. It makes no sense, it’s a catch-22, and I’m sorry to say so is Comodo’s download helper with regards to protecting a new computer. It’s a poor strategy.

Wait, if those MSI files are the real deal, then that makes the download helper even more pointless. Why can’t you download those from the download area on the Comodo site? Why all the hoop hopping and unnecessary risks?

Those are the real installer; hash checked and all.

When I do a clean install of Comodo, I have been doing this way before the new installer, is that I switch on Windows Firewall, uninstall and reboot, install and reboot and then switch off Windows Firewall.

It’s good to be careful when clean installing a firewall.