Comodo doesn't work it seems to be absent

I have W7 Home Premium.
Uninstall Comodo and did an upgrade to W10, reinstall Comodo, the latest version for W10, Comodo works fine, I can confirm.
I did not like W10, uninstall Comodo and did a roll back to W7, install Comodo again, and it now does not work, does not block anything, if I put block all, nothing happens, I surf the Internet without problems for example.
Again uninstall it and restart, use the removal tool, restart, reinstall it doesn’t work. What may be happening?
My apologies for my english

I found the problem
Again incompatibilities between Kav ( and Comodo. If I disable Kaspersky Antivirus NDIS6 filter the problem does not occur.
I do not remember if there was an order of installation, Comodo first and then Kav or no solution for now?

The interesting thing is that this did not happen in W10.

I found a way to make both work together.
After Comodo installed, disable Kaspersky Antivirus NDIS6 filter and Comodo started working well, then again enable NDIS6 filter and both continued working.
It seems to be the alternative for the latest version of Kav and Comodo.

Also take to install an old version of Comodo which is what I like, the 5.12.252301.2551 and works perfect of course in W7.

Again my apologies for my English