Comodo doesn't want us to report posts? ... Too often that is.


Is this intentional? Kind of makes me want to stop reporting things…

It’s best not to confuse Comodo with SMF. Besides, that very same mechanism stopped the spammer in question from posting more than 1 topic & 5 posts (he deleted one) before he got caught. So, yes… it is intentional I guess. :slight_smile:

PS Reporting a spammer once is as good as reporting all that spammer’s posts.

Yes differentiating between Comodo and SMF is good however ultimately it’s Comodo who makes the settings for the forum, is it not? Besides I’m sure topic report and topic creation are two different settings (at least they have different text meaning SMF can at least tell the difference and shows the correct error) hence lowering the delay before one can submit another report wouldn’t affect creating topics or posts, I think 240 seconds is too long either way. And sure reporting the same spammer once would suffice but what if there are multiple spammers in a short period of time, would reporting just one of them suffice even if the other spammer was spamming another board? And lets not forget that spammers aren’t the only reason to report posts.

Actually I don’t know what settings SMF has is this regards (it requires Permissions that Mods do not have).

I do have Melih’s permission to temporarily change that Permission to see what there is, but we’re still hoping that the Admin’s will be somewhat more attentive than previously. This is, after all, their area and the Mod’s are not very keen to step on anyone’s toes here (they’re paid, we’re not). Ever really irritated a forum Admin? Nothing good comes of it. :slight_smile:

Still, 240 seconds is too long in my opinion, even for posting, perhaps it’s something you can forward to the administrators? I’m not sure whether they browser the forum or not.

If they are paid, then COMODO has all the authority to request them to change that high value to a lower one. After all, COMODO is the one paying them.

4 minutes is just to much. Admins should find other ways to avoid spamming.

What makes you think that the Admin’s set the time-limit to avoid spamming? It’s probably 240 seconds by default. :-X

Sorry, I didn’t see your edit.

Sure, I’ll add it to the other stuff we’ve asked them to investigate/fix.

edit: Done, reported.

Thanks! :-TU