Comodo doesn't stay minimized during backup


I use Comodo Backup on WinXP Pro SP2.

I have three jobs, one running every hour and the other two every 2 and 5 hours.

The problem I have is that the Comodo window always pops up whenever a backup job is executed. I thought that the option “Minimize Comodo Backup while running” was going to prevent it, but it didn’t.

Has anyone had the same experience? Am am missing something perhaps?

In the Settings / General Options it lookes like this:

  • Checked: Hide Splash Window at Startup
  • Checked: Minimize Comodo Backup while running
  • Checked: Minimize Comodo Backup to system tray on close
  • Checked: Animated icon in tray while working
  • Checked: Load at Windows startup

The job settings are all alike aside from the source and destination, the settings are as follow:

Type: User Backup
Incremental Backup
Compression enabled, with full path
Schedule: every 1 hours
Not checked: “Start comodo backup” and “Shutdown comodo backup”


Edit: A small observation - when I have the main window open, and I run a backup the window gets minimized, but when the backup is ready - that’s when the window appears again. When I minimize the window using the close button, the window pops up in the same way after the backup job is done.

yeah, that’s REALLY annoying!! (:AGY)

I think it does not happen when Backup is run as a service. But it sure does occur when Backup is run as a client, and it’s annoying.

Just wondering if anyone has found a work around for this or if it is just a know issue.