Comodo doesn't start before my network connection


at the start of my system, I get connected to the network long before Comodo starts itself. How can I make Comodo starts its servies before the network connection is established? I searched the forum (that was very long) but couldn’t find any answer to this problem. Help will be much appreciated.

CIS Premium v 7.0.3117799.4142
Windows 7 64-bit

Thank you!

Vous êtes français je suppose.
Il ya un forum français mais les meilleurs et plus pertinentes réponses sont toujours en anglais ou bien sur des forums/sites étrangers.
comodo start as son as you open your o.s / why it does not start with the connection ? it does !

maybe have you not checked an option (découverte des réseaux privés par example sur firewall dans les réglages) or in windows parameters ; it is not configured as “start” but as “demand”.

we can compare our settings but maybe it is a bug or something unknown.

How do you observe that you are connecting to the network?


@Merke: je suis Québécois.

When I look at the running services, there are four related to Comodo:
cistray.exe and

I’m connected to the net before the first two are running, the last two services are running. Since cis.exe isn’t running at the start, I suppose that I am not fully protected during a short period of time, am I? On top of that, my mail service is showing new messages, if so, before Comodo is fully running.

@EricJH: the connection appears at the bottom right of the task bar and in the running services list.

Thank you!

The protection is coming from cmdagent.exe which starts very early in the boot process. Under cmdagent.exe runs the Inspect packet filter driver of the firewall.

Thank you EricJH, I feel more safe now.

CIS has a small number of processes running these days. This topic sums them up: What are all different processes in CIS V6/V7?.