comodo doesn't scans .avi file

i have a movie file .avi 698mb. under manual scan i changed do not scan files larger than to 1024mb. but when i scan the movie file with right click scan the scan window appears and shows scan finished, 0 files scanned, 0 infected files. why so???


p.s. also need a suggestion. whatever i have tried to solve threatcast prob, it doesn’t works (threatcast not available). only once, for a day it showed threatcast ratings but now always threatcast not available. for programs it showed ratings and i clicked allow without checking remember options, even for those programs it doesn’t shows ratings now. threatcast is useless. so i am planning to disable defence plus and install threatfire (as 4 users on this system are average users). but as i know without D+ comodo firewall is a basic firewall, so i want to know the setup comodo firewall (D+ disabled), comodo antivirus and threatfire is good and recommended security setup or not.

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There is no reason to scan AVI files as they are not infectable filetype.

I’m not sure I understand. You’re disabling D+ just because you aren’t getting threatcast alerts? ??? Seems like an extreme response, but if that seems like a good move, I guess it’s your decision.

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actually the other users on this machine are average users. i know D+ is almost quite now but the fact is that whenever D+ will detect an unknown thing it will throw a popup and it depends on the user to allow or block. i installed CIS coz of threatcast introduction which was meant to provide little help to average users but inspite of trying every possible solution threatcast doesn’t works. D+ and threatfire both are hips in their own way. the fact is that (according to me) D+ alerts are like regular alerts (program x is trying to do y and etc and this means nothing for an average user) the average users doesn’t pays much heed to the alerts and mostly clicks allow (i have observed the other average users doing this on this machine). threatfire alerts appear like security alerts, they look like security alerts atleast for an average user ( this too i have experienced watching the other average users on this machine)

let me share a lil story with you guyz.
my bro inserted a pendrive and immediately D+ came up with a popup (same regular popup like program x is trying to do y and etc) i was there so i blocked it and scanned the particular file with virustotal and 29 scanners detected the file infected with a trojan. then i downloaded and installed threatfire and again inserted the pendrive and immediately threatfire came with a popup saying the file is infected with a trojan. my point here is D+ alert just said a program is trying to do this and that (an average user will mostly click allow as he knows that the file mentioned in the popup is in his pendrive. whereas threatfire cleary said its a trojan (knowing the file is in his pendrive the average user will quarantine the file by looking on the word infected with a trojan)

so i decided on this setup comodo firewall (D+ disabled), comodo antivirus and threatfire and asked for your suggestion coz i know without D+ comodo firewall is basic. so what you guyz say, suggests??? Or any other suggestion, setup is welcome.

sorry for the long post. just tried to explain my point in little detail. but plzz read and give your expertise.