Comodo doesn't run at windows startup


Since a couple of days, my CIS doesn’t run when I startup Windows.
Even when I created a shortcut to the program, it won’t run and I have to start it manualy.

I’ll hope this can be fixed?


Hi Manneke,

Can you please check this out:

and if there is no entry it needs to point to
“c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\cfp.exe” -h


It still doesn’t work, I have unsigned one of them but after restarting COMODO still doesn’t run and I have to run it manualy.

Can you change from the one you selected to the other to see if that helps?

And if not can you download Autoruns from Microsoft here

And run it, then check the LOGON tab and see where the exact paths are where CIS get’s started?
It should only be in:


Yes, it’s there! I’ve uninstalled te program and installed it again and now it seems to be solved! Thank you :-TU

Good to hear it’s fixed.

En nog de beste wensen voor 2010!


En bedankt, van hetzelfde ;D