Comodo doesn't like Awasu

I am hoping you can resolve the issue Comodo is having with Awasu. Awasu is a desktop RSS newsreader which enables you to open links it presents in one’s default browser or IE. Comodo won’t allow Awasu to open links in one’s browser.

I tried identifying Awasu as a trusted app, but comodo changed it back to custom. I have also added both IE and Firefox as apps it can execute and it is still blocking it. I’m a bit frustrated by this as I use Awasu a lot.


Have you tried putting both the firewall and D+ in training mode and deleting the entires of Awasu.

Hi Sue,are you getting any reports in the Defence+ logs relating to Awusu.Also when you made it a Trusted application did you click Apply to close both windows(if you go back and look straight away,has it changed back)

Also i`ve read that for Defence+ rules to survive after a re-boot you need to be running as admin(not sure if this is the case for all) so if you run as limited user try that.

Hope this helps,

Regards Matty

Hi Matty,
actually, I just checked the log, ans Awasu is in there. the reported action reported is block hook and the target file msctf.dll

Please let me know how to properly authorize it.

You can simply use D+ in training mode.

thank you, I will try it!

Hi prazim,
you may have blocked ans Awasu at some time in D+.

Try looking at Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy
You should see a referance for Awusu,right click on it and choose “edit”
Now click" access rights" and choose “Modify” next to Windows/Winevent Hooks
On the new window have a look under “Blocked Hooks” to see if msctf.dll is there.
If it is remove it and then “APPLY” to close all windows.
When you next open it if you get a pop up and click allow,tick remember my answer.

Another thing you could try is remove all referances to said program in D+(make sure there gone) and when you run the program again choose “Allow” with “remember my answer”



ps also check your browser settings for anything relating to this if the above doesn`t help.

Thanks Matty,
I have added that as an allowed hook, so we’ll see what happens.
Many thanks for your help!