Comodo doesnt have threatcast notice

I have set that I joined the threatcast community,but when it gives the notice,it doesn’t have the threatcast options,what’s the problem?

so no one knows?

There is currently an issue with the Threatcast service. It has been reported to the appropriate staff at Comodo.

We will post on the forums when the service is fully operational again.

Please bear with us.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> Sorry it took a while to respond. :wink:

I mean when it gives the notice,it just has security considerations and no threatcasts.There is only one tab and the tab is security considerrations.

Were you connected to the internet at the time of installation?

There were problems with TC but they are apparently solved:


Let’s see how things progress or not.

Hi guys.

I am in the same boat. I do not have TC since July. I had hope that with a OS reinstall and clean install of the latest CIS 3.12.xxxxx.560 TC would have showed up, but it has not. Back in July, I followed some instructions from dchernyakov to ping the Comodo servers, with success and I PM with Elery for a report on my TCcomp_ID; However, they got stuck for an answer. :-\

Yes,I connected to the internet