Comodo does not work with XP's switch account feature.

I have the latest version of CPF. When I switch from my admin account without logging out to another account i get this message “Xxxx is currently using Comodo Personal Firewall. Only one user at a time can use Comodo Personal Firewall. You can try after user Xxxx logs off or closes the firewall”. This was never a problem with Sygate Personal Firewall or the XP firewall and this account also has administrator rights. Is this by design or a bug? Kind of makes the firewall useless. I dont want to have to log off everytime so the firewall will work under other users profiles.

Version 1 worked this way also.

Yes this is by design. But this will change in the future releases. Until that time, you can try to log off instead of fast switching.


Thanks Egemen for the clarification. I hope this will be in addressed soon; i will probably not forget to logoff but others who use the computer may forget and that leaves the pc unprotected.

Just found the same “issue”. I’ve disabled account switching so my children won’t leave the PC unprotected. The sooner account switching is protected the better.