Comodo Does not work with Avast 7!


I updated my Avast to Version 7 today and didn’t notice anything wrong until I saw a post on the Avast forum…

I tested and found that programs are ignoring F/W rules and connecting through Avast’s webshield.

This did not happen in version 6.

Avast forum thread : Avast 7 and Comodo Firewall

I cleared all my rules and blocked my browser and mail client, but they still worked.


My System Specs are: Win7 home premium | core I3 | 4GB memory
Avast Free | Comodo F/W only

Have you disabled the Avast Web shield?
does that restore operations?

Hi John,

Yes, Disabling the Web shield causes the F/w the work normally again, but now web objects won’t be scanned…

This seems like an issue with Avast.
They changed the code. They will have to fix it.
Do any of the logs show anything?

Hi John,

Well I cleared the rules and logs and tested.

Opened Firefox and blocked it.

It opened and google loaded, but the logs started filling up with blocked entries.

After about 5 minutes I had 135 Firefox.exe entries blocked and firefox could open some pages and others not…

For example I could open avast forum and Microsoft technet and google, but not Comodo forum or Facebook.

Right after your post i updated avast.
Then i noted: Remember next time, dont update to too new versions will safe you time :smiley:

I use only the classic antivirus part, data system protection.

Is it necessary to have a web shield and all the other things, while having defense+, and as i scan new files manually?
I mean, wouldnt an infection be noticed by the avast data system protection, and blocked by comodo defense+?

I haven’t still updated from Avast 6 to 7. From what I see in Avast forum, the version 7 seems to cause a lot of problems and not only with CFW. Personally, I’ll wait 2-3 weeks for the new version to mature before trying it.

@ Boris 3

I thougth like you but it was a sorprise this morning when Avast! 6 went ahead and updated anyway by itselft.

I am not having problems with Avast! web shield and Comodo firewall. Everything running smoothly. I am running Windows XP though.

Hi All,

There is another post in this forum from Brightness that’s newer than mine, but the same issue.

I have tried various work-arounds from both forums and nothing has been successful.

Some applications are blocked, many other’s work perfectly even after they have been explicitly blocked outgoing and incoming.

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