Comodo does not see wireless NIC

I have install on my laptop which has a wired and 802.11G network connection. At home both networks are secure and using the same subnet 192.168.1.x . However Comodo only shows the wired NIC in the Zone list yet it is letting traffic out on the wireless NIC! Why and how can I add the wireless as a zone which I can tighten the connection down when I am using the connection away from home?

You could just right-click the wireless connection icon in systray and disable it. That would be the simplest way to stop it from connecting.

Another way that might work would be to disconnect the wired connection and then reboot. This should force the firewall to see the wireless card when it comes up again. You should then be able to make a Trusted Zone for the wireless.


The laptop is normally used via the wireless connection without any cable connected to the wired port. The computer has been started up numerous times but Commodo does not see the wireless NIC. It is not in the list of NICs that Commodo maintains.

Is it because both the wired and wireless NIC are using the same subnet of 192.168.1.x?

If you are able to connect then the firewall is seeing the wireless traffic. I understand that you want to specify the wireless NIC in a Trusted Zone but all you have to do is make the restrictive rules you feel you need in Network Monitor and whatever NIC is connected will be restricted by your rules. The rules work for all interfaces no matter whether you have specified the interface or not. I always make my own rules without specifying any interface as it is not needed. If I want to stop my wireless NIC from connecting then I just disable it.