Comodo does not run after starting PC?

I have been facing this problem since a few ways…I see from the icon in my tray that Comodo IS fails to initiate after I turn my PC on-Under system status-it says that the agent is not running. Running diagnostics does not help as it detects no errors. If I exit the client, and restart it from the start menu, it works fine. I also have Spybot S&D and Avast antivirus on my comp(I installed only the firewall and Defence+ of Comodo) Can you please help? Thank you…

Hi azylia, welcome to the forums.

Based on your post I’m not clear on what is telling you “the agent is not running”, Windows or CIS itself?

The systray icon is created by CIS’s front-end application, cfp.exe and, simply put, this applications purpose is to communicate with user. If it is this process that is not running at startup, then it is likely that something else either removed the startup entry or prevented it from being created in the first place. However, it is possible that it is only the systray icon is missing & that cfp.exe is actually running (check with the task manager).

Assuming it’s just the startup entry that is missing, then you should be able to recreate the entry fairly easily by using CIS itself. Open CIS - Miscellaneous button - Settings. On the Settings General tab, it is the first option (Automatically start the application with Windows). If the option is already checked (which it probably is), uncheck it & press OK. Renter Settings, check the option & press OK. This will force CIS to recreate the CIS startup entry.