comodo does not do anything to fix bugs

The recent/ ongoing instability of 3.8477 and the bugs which still need fixing
What’s the trick there ? Do we need to get an X number of people complaining before they “update” it ?
Arrogant , that´s what you are,don´t even have the decency to answer questions.

Without any fore knowledge, I would believe it safe to say most if not all these issues will be resolved with 3.9 when it is released.
Have faith, bug reports do not get ignored by the Devs.

Well, it’s still a strange practice to not fix critical bugs fast. I mean at least with avast!, if bug appeared after official launch, there was usually a bug fix in a day or two, few days at most. With Comodo, you have to wait for month or more with no assurance that the very bug will be even fixed.
I don’t understand it either but who knows.