Comodo does not detect keyloggers - why?

I downloaded a few keyloggers, which are verys popular here in Germany. We use them in the Tradition of the Stasi to observe our wifes, our children our friend and the people, who are working for us.

These keyloggers take a picture of your screen every 15 seconds and send it via mail to the attacker. You do not have to pay for them, you just ask your friend, if you can check your mails, he leaves the room, keylogger will be installed.

The problem is, that Comodo/Avira/Avast and so on do not detect most of these keyloggers. I have got 4 keyloggers on my USB-Drive, Comodo shows only 1! I installed Parents Friend (same as KGB/Refog) and Comodo did not stop this.

The KGB-Keylogger is installed on my computer, but comodo does not show it. Spybot finds it.

Can you send me those keyloggers via PM?

Hi 471112,

Please submit these applications as malicious at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we’ll verify them.

Thanks and regards,

The Companys, who sell malwarescanners, are not interested in showing these programms in their resultlist. i Just asked why?

First application (Parents Friend) is whitelisted (software is trusted and automatically installed) and second one (Actual Spy) is not (CIS gives a pop-up about unlimited access to computer).

I know that it is whitelisted. But how can i blacklist every programm, which is a keylogger and can hurt my privacy.

because parents friend is a keylogger. If someone installs it on my computer, it can make a screenshot every 30 seconds and send it via mail to a mailaccount in russia.

Parents friend is used very often to spy on your wife or girlfriend. i use it myself for this purpose, but i do not want an enemy to use it on my computer.