Comodo does not block network shares

I have Comodo 4 on Windows XP SP3 (two computers). Computers are connected to the internet through router. Another security app is Avira Antivirus Free Edition.

My problem: I havent set any trusted zones in the firewall and I can still use network shares on my both computers. I have used Stealth port wizard to set global rules. I have ticked there the third (last) option and it set global rules as I expected. But I am sill able to use network shares …Even if i set security level in systray to “Block All Mode”. (Internet activity is blocked properly)

Is it normal or its bug?
Thanks for answers.

Sharing files is handled by the rule of System. Try deleting it or setting it to block.

There were rules allowing incoming communication in System as you have said. I have deleted it, but it is still the same. Folder sharing is still working.

Summary: I have two computers. Notebook and desktop. They are connected to router and router is connected to internet. I am sending my whole settings (I am not using defense+) from notebook, but settings on desktop are the same.
Application Rules
Global Rules
Network Zones
Behavior settings 1
Behavior settings 2
Behavior settings 3

EDIT: I tried to send a bigger file through network shares and I cant see any traffic in the “Active Connections”.

According to your global rules, it should be preventing incoming connections to the file sharing ports so network sharing should not work, so there is something strang going on. Do you happen to have the XP firewall on? If so could you turn it off and try again to see if network shares are blocked or allowed, also avir might be interfering with comodo firewall but I doubt it. Also we should try to test comodos firewall outgoing filtering protection, can you try to ping your router or other compter using the windows ping utility and see if you even get an alert for it and answer block for the alert but dont have ‘remeber my answer’ ticked and see if you get requests timed out.

I pinged router from notebook using command line. I was asked by Comodo and it successfully prevented this outgoing connection. I think that connections to internet are checked properly.

I have uninstalled Comodo from desktop and installed Sunbelt PF. And it is same, I thing. Just one think was better - Sunbelt was able to prevent network sharing when I pressed “Stop All Traffic” button.

I don’t know, whats going on, but it looks, that it is not just a problem of Comodo (if I set Sunbelt PF properly … I am not familiarized with it so much).