Comodo does no longer always alert me when I connect to a network

This issue started for me at the end of 2009, when I at the advice of a helper at a malware-cleaning forum ran ComboFix. It messed up the computer in various ways, broke thumbnails, and also an issue with Comodo, which I’ll come to in a moment. But I guess that was part of the plan. When it came to uninstalling ComboFix and restore what it has messed up, it didn’t work anymore, suddenly saying that it doesn’t work on Windows Vista, despite that it did before. The helper fled the field and there I was, stuck with a messed up computer.

So what happened with the Comodo firewall? I’m at a locaton (was back then as well) where I manually connect to the Internet by joining a network by inserting a physical cable into the computer. In other words, it is not a wireless network. Before this ComboFix thing, Comodo always alerted me when I joined the network. Afterwards however, it did so very irregularly. Sometimes it did, sometimes not…

A few weeks ago, I did a system restore on the computer. I was fed up with broken thumbnails and wallpaper, and the computer felt generally messy and slow anyways. Plus the Comodo issue.

And sure, the thumbnails and wallpaper are alright again. Phew, since I’ve heard that ComboFix can permanently damage the computer I wasn’t sure it would work to do a system restore. It was a bet, but it worked. However, even now Comodo alerts irregularly when I connect to the network, that is, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. So what I wonder is, what might be the cause of this irregularity? What can be done about it? And most importantly, is it dangerous? To my privacy, security, or anything…

The Comodo version I had before the system restore was 3 dot something, now it is 4 dot something.

check to make sure that in more → settings → automatically detect new private networks is checked. If it is checked I would uninstall comodo restart and reinstall.

Thanks for the reply. The box in question was indeed checked, so I reinstalled as you instructed. It seems to work well so far. I’ll come back to this thread if it becomes problematic again.

Now it seems yo having started become irregular again. I didn’t do anything particular, didn’t change any settings and so on.

It was a while ago…

I do realize that it may be impossible to figure out exactly why this occurs on this computer. What I wonder is if it is any danger to use the Internet on the occasions when the firewall doesn’t warn about connecting to the network. At least it seems to function normally otherwise (Defense+ etc works as usual, apparently) but there might be more than what strikes the eye.

Curious thing though is that it is always warns when I connect to a wireless network. It’s only when I connect to a network with a physical cable that the firewall sometimes doesn’t warn about it.