Comodo does it cause network discovery open?

I turned it off, It will always open again automatically.

No, except if you to choose in options network when windows recognize you network (connection provider internet)…
Sorry my english!

I don’t know why it turn on when I restart my computer everytime.


I dont know why its doing that but lets try to find a solution

Using CMD in (admin mode)

To turn off Network Discovery run the following command in an elevated command prompt:

netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=“Network Discovery” new enable=No

if that fails for whatever reason then use the group policy editor (this will show you how with some pictures too)

I’ve used forum SEARCH function in the bar on the top of this page to search for discovery and found (maybe) a solution for you to completely turn off discovery.

Please read link below, hopefully it works for you.

Note: The solution proposed in below link was for Vista but it should work on other OS’s as well.;msg372427#msg372427

Why i installed Comodo Internet Security 2020 v12.2.2.7036 on window 7.
It cause network discovery open?
It turn on when I restart my computer everytime.

I believe this is a Windows issue, it is not due to CIS.
Have you tried below solution to disable network discovery?

Please check this:;msg901560#msg901560

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