Comodo do not provide "Organisation" chnages ? Not part of Certificate?

Greettiings folks,

Can any one from you tell me how can I change the name for Orgainsation ( >> Double Click on certificate lock on right top side >> View certificate >> Issued To: Organisation (O)) in SSL certificate where it shows Organisation Not Part of certificate. ?
None of the certificate I have assigned have that part… :frowning: Even though I have given all the values correctly there in CSR sertificate.
How can I change the Organisation name there on SSL certificate ?
Contacted to support already but they do not have any idea… :frowning:
Does anyone have any idea about it ?
Please help me out…

Thank you…


If you want to change something in the certificate that is part of the company details then you need to email those changes to the account changes email address.

Company details are validated, so any change needs to be re-validated.

You will also have to send a new CSR so that the changes can be written into a new certificate.
And, you will need to install that new certificate.

If you contacted support they would have forwarded your email to the validation team.
I have searched our support system and validation systems, but find no email from the email address you used to register on the forum.

So, in summary, please email to have any details changed.