Comodo DNS

Hi guys, in my installation I have selected install with DNS, in previous version of comodo if I “accidentally” changed my DNS in the following Windows restart, Comodo repaired it (they were reestablished). But now in this new version, Comodo doesn’t protect if I or something changes the DNS. I would like to protect the ComodoDNS.

You would not want to have a protection that prevents you from making choices…

Comodo protects against execution of unknown/not yet allowed things.
If you execute and allow a virus, a default deny and a too late definition of antivirus can not protect you. (Sandbox might help, as long as you are not tricked to try a file outside.)

Can you give an example of a virus that changes the dns without a notification of defense+? Or is it a guess, because you can change it without a question?

Btw, if, like you say, a restart restored the dns, you havent been protected for the actual run.

Well, sometimes when I connect to the Open Wireless of my university i have to disable/change the Comodo dns to be able to connect to it(for the automatic dns). In previous versions of Comodo when i arrived home the Comododns settings in my laptop were reestablished, and it WAS more comfortable than now, because now, everytime that i come back from my univeristy i have tu set them up again and again at home manually. Tu sum up, Comodo, now, doesn’t reestablish the initial DNS configuration that i setup in the first installation.

I see.

The bad effects would affect people who would think that cis “still restores” the dns after a temporary change. Thats a scenario after the behaviour of cis suddenly changed.

Maybe someone else can bring light into this.

I never heard CIS restores DNS servers if they got change by user or other agent.

CIS allows the user to do everything with Windows the user wants. The DNS servers are stored in a protected part of the registry so unknown programs should not be able to change DNS servers.

Do you have other security programs installed that could be protecting your DNS settings?