Comodo DNS

I recently upgraded my Comodo CIS suite to the version 4 as suggested by the update program. There was a choice of Comodo DNS or remaining with ISP DNS.

Based on the info provided I chose the Comodo. My ISP (AOL UK) has recently upgraded their system at my local telephone exchange and provided an even better internet speed than I already had.

Sadly the Comodo system ■■■■■■■■ my internet service to that prior to my upgrade.

I made a post here somewhere last week, I never did find it again, asking how to revert to my previous settings. I was unable to do this as my version of Windows XP did not coincide with the examples given in the help section.

Eventually I did a system restore at the point immediately prior to the installation of the new Comodo CIS program which enabled me to decline the Comodo DNS and stay with my ISP server. Upgraded speeds returned.

I hope this post may help anyone, like myself, who finds difficulty reverting to the ISP DNS.

** Apologies if some of the technological wording is not correct.

remember google is your friend. I googled “how to change dns settings”. How to Change Your DNS Settings


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