Comodo DNS Vs OpenDNS

I gave comodo a fair run, About a month or so using Comodo DNS. After that I switched to OpenDNS, I found that it is faster and you could configure filters.

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OpenDNS is better.

I don’t know why I’d ever need a filter so Comodo DNS is fine for me. It’s faster than what is offered by my ISP.

If you are interested to find which server could outperform the one you are using How do I test DNS lookup latency with ns_bench? FAQ could be of help.

My results today are:

Nameserver              Response Time (ms)
                        min/avg/max/stdev/retries           2.00/3.40/4.00/0.80/0	Comodo           3.00/3.60/4.00/0.49/0	Comodo           2.00/3.20/4.00/0.75/0	Comodo           3.00/3.60/4.00/0.49/0	Comodo          3.00/3.80/4.00/0.40/0	OpenDNS          4.00/5.60/8.00/1.36/0	OpenDNS

I used Secure DNS for a day or 2, then switched to OpenDNS. When Comodo adds configuration options like OpenDNS has, I’ll consider switching back :wink:

Unfortunately, I can’t use either, they’re both way to slow. By the way, if any of you use an IP blocker (PG or PB) in conjunction with the level 1 block list, you won’t be able to use Comodos DNS, unless you edit the list.

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Do you just stick with your ISP DNS Quill or ?


I use my ISP’s DNS.
Response Time 0.00

I get slightly faster times with the Comodo servers than with OpenDNS -15ms vs 16

Do you just stick with your ISP DNS Quill or

I do. It was pretty poor, but my ISP has been upgrading things recently, so now I have virtually zero latency.

OpenDNS user for quite a long time…
Will try ComodoDNS now.

I’ll post my view later on.