Comodo DNS Servers

I am using Comodo Dragon 13.4 and also using the Comodo DNS servers. When I try to go to the Servers are blocking the site. Is this a mistake or is Aunty Beeb really a source of nasties… ???

Please report this in Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here.

I have moved your topic to the Secure DNS help board.

Actually, that won’t help.

The latest version of Dragon utilizes the new SecureDNS 2.0 that is in beta. This version has content filtering, so you’ll be seeing blocked sites based on your content filter settings, not just sites that distribute malware.

To change your content filter settings, you’ll need to go to Comodo Secure DNS | and set up an account/define a network.

Thanks for sharing. I had not noticed that yet…

I think it’s going to be very confusing to users, as there is no mention of this new functionality, nor how to make changes to the filters.

There is a mention of the IP address change in the release notes post on the forum, but not about what this change means.

I think the content filtering should default to just malware for users that haven’t set up an account to adjust their filters. Basically, it should act just the same as the previous SecureDNS for those users who aren’t aware there has been a change, or if they only want to utilize the previous functionality of blocking malware sites.

I think default Secure DNS 2.0 settings should be the same as in version 1.0 (malware and phishing blocking).
People who want to upgrade/change their security level with content filter should create an account.