Comodo DNS server Question?.

I have used the Comodo DNS servers since installing CIS a few months back and as I see them im my HIjack This logs I remember the numbers which are. and and this is what is in the TCP box when I checked it in Network Connections. I noticed though that as soon as I open my Firefox browser svchost connects from my address and sends data to the address at, at first I thought it was the Comodo DNS server but decided to double check and it isn’t. Being that the address is very close to the Comodo DNS ones is this something to do with Comodo DNS or what?. I am not sure if this is normal traffic or if I have something I should be bothered about. Would appreciate any advice offered.

That IP is owned by UltraDNS.

Comodo uses UltraDNS.

So you’re using the same system, although I’m not sure why it would be utilizing an IP that you aren’t configured for, unless it’s a load balancing system at UltraDNS’s end.

thanks HeffeD, I found a link to Whois after posting and saw that it was from the same source as the Comodo DNS servers.