comodo dns server confirmation

i manually typed in the comodo dns server IP so i was wondering. How do i know if i am using comodo dns server? I went to internet protocols and manually typed it in. Is there another website telling me if i am using it?

Open a CMD prompt and type ipconfig /all and press enter.

Near the bottom of the list you should see the IP addresses for the DNS servers you are using. If they are the same as Comodo’s DNS service, then you are using SecureDNS.

hi portage!I’ll tell you how you should verify if you are running CIS’ DNS :press Start>run>type ‘cmd’,click ‘ok’>type ‘ipconfig/all’>enter;now a window will open;look to “DNS Servers”;if there are “ and”,means you are running CIS’DNS!;if the numbers combination do not appears,you can add manualy:open ‘Control Panel’>Network Connections’>click on the your active connection>right click>propieties>internet protocol(TCP/IP)>propieties>click on 'use the folowing DNS server>type:>‘alternate DNS server’>type:>click"ok".now,you are running Comodo’s DNS! let me know if it works.have a good day.

thanks you were right

portage,you’re wellcome. now,running CIS’DNS means more security for you,together with CIS suite.
have a nice a day!