comodo DNS protection

I have comodo dns protection and it was worrking well since i have had it, but lately I keep getting these blatant redirects whenever i click on search results, they redirect to keyword related affiliate directories, each time i try to get the proper destination by clicking on the intended link again it goes through around three or four different redirects to the same keyword related affiliate directory THEME, that is, different sites before i can get to the original intended destination.

How does this work if my queries are filtered through comodo DNS protection??? and at the same time i seem to have a email virus that it is trying to send itself to my contacts and new emails sporadically, it starts off with, Hi friend: and goes on to blather on about some factory wholesale prices, being an internet marketer i wonder if someone seriously thought anyone would click on that S**t little email in hopes that they will profit from that sort of thing, or it could be a ruse to get people to click on those links for self propagation and/or trojan droppers.

but whats with these crazy redirects??? even without the comodo DNS protection i have never had such extensive problems with browser hijacks!