Comodo DNS Now Using OpenDNS?

I have been using Comodo DNS for almost three months maybe and today when I had typed in a website address incorrectly in Firefox I was re-directed by OpenDNS instead of Comodo DNS; even though I have only Comodo DNS set as my DNS.

I have attached a screenshot of an example of what I am talking about, I am wondering if Comodo and OpenDNS have partnered, and if OpenDNS is now running the Comodo DNS service now?

Or is this a Firefox thing or is something else wrong?

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No, Comodo DNS not Using OpenDNS.
See settings your web-browser.

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Thank you for the response, I figured out the problem, it was not my browser it was Hotspot Shield; whenever it is on, it is using OpenDNS to re-direct incorrect addresses.

I should have thought of that earlier, silly me.

Problem solved.

How do you like using Hot Spot Shield?


Well Maxx, I think it is nice to have a free VPN that is easy to use, so I like it.

The ad bar that it adds to your browser is blocked by the Ad-block Plus plug-in for Firefox, so that is not an issue for me, but I wish more was explained about how Hotspot Shield actually works and other information about the company etc.

I am the curious/suspicious type, so I like to have more of that information available to me, that is one thing that I do not like about it; but it is free, another thing is that I have to disconnect Hotspot Shield before I can watch videos on (Hulu blocks the IP addresses that Hotspot Shield uses from access to videos on their site).

I wish Comodo would give more information about some of their products too, like Comodo Dragon, I do like a lot of the things that Comodo is doing though but more detailed descriptions on some products would be nice.

Have a good day,