Comodo displays unusual/Strange IP address (Hex) - Help

Lately, I have to reinstall Win 7, Comodo firewall and more because of hack on my PC. Now, I see an unusual IP address under svchost.exe that looks more like a registry key that initiated connection to another weird IP destination

fe80::881f:1f6e:95f4:de6]:546 [ff02::1:2]:542

Has anyone seen this before and is it a virus/malware? Actually, this is why I love Comodo, it lets me see the connections IP address. See attached screenshot.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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The first address you’re seeing (fe80::881f:1f6e:95f4:de6]:546) is an IPv6 address, specifically a Link local IPv6 address and the port is the DHCPv6 client port. The second address ([ff02::1:2]:542) is an IPv6 link local DHCPv6 multicast address.

As you are using Windows 7, which has IPv6 enabled by default, you can expect to see these events in the firewall, assuming you have Firewall Behaviour Settings/Enable Ipv6 Filtering checked. If you uncheck this box, you shouldn’t see any IPv6 traffic in the firewall logs.

You can read more here It’s an old post, but for the most part the information is still valid.