Comodo displays critical error when loading in limited account

I have made my grandchildren s account limited and Comodo will not load, but displays the following critical error: Comodo Internet Security does not seem to be started or installed properly. Do you want to start diagnostics utility to fix the problem?

I start the utility, give it my admin privilege and it works fine until the next login. What do I need to do to fix this. Of all the accounts this one needs protection the most.


You should be able to run any program that you install on the admin account on the guest account. Log on to the admin account. Right click the Comodo.exe, click properties, and look at Security tab. Allow all accounts to run it. You will probably have to allow all permissions (full control) for CIS under the guest (limited) account. See if that cracks the nut. If not report back.


The problem takes place when Windows loads in that account (in XP Pro). Comodo should load into the system tray and be running, but it errors in that account. It does not behave that way in the Admin accounts, wherein it loads and behaves properly.

I went to Comodo’s installation directory, right-clicked the “cfp.exe” file and there is no “security” tab within the “cfp.exe Properties” Window.

XP Pro -

To reveal the Security tab try this -

Open Windows Explorer, and choose Folder Options from the Tools menu.

On the View tab, scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Settings and clear (click) the check box next to “Use Simple File Sharing.”

Click OK to apply the change, and you should now have a Security tab

this may do the trick :wink:

Nope, that did not work either. I added the "HOME-PUTER-1/Kids account according to the examples I saw. Took a screen shot of the properties window. It already showed “HOME-PUTER-1/users”, which should have allowed all users. Correct?

This is messed up! When a firewall is installed it should load in every account on the puter when that account is loading, especially limited accounts, cause their limited for a reason.