COMODO Dislikes Slingplayer [RESOLVED]

COMODO continues to identify Slingplayer.exe and its associated files as threats despite the fact that I added Slingplayer files to my Safe Files AND added Slingmedia digitally signed files to trusted list. What makes it harder to understand is that this happens on only ONE of three computers that I use with COMODO and Slingplayer. Versions and configuations are the same, as far as I can tell.

Any clues, please?

Sorry for the trouble, Quite possibly a bug.
Could a mod please move this into bug reports?

Are you using CFP? or CIS? If CIS, you could add slingplayer.exe into the exclusion for the AV

Thanks, but I discovered the solution. It seems that Slingplayer was listed as an ‘Isolated Application’ in the COMODO policies. Changing it to ‘Trusted Application’ fixed things.


I don’t even know what ‘Isolated Application’ means and can’t figure out how Slingplayer was put in that status, except as a possible typo on my part.