COMODO DiskShield 1.0.51539.35 BETA Released

Shield any drive , session starts and do some changes like copying or moving etc then if u r going to restart the system

Save session —keeps the changes

Dont keep session --It will not save the changes (shield -Unshield is a one session)

Virtual drive is just a ready made drive it will take the space from the local disk as an image file u can mount that whenever u r in need of that :wink:

Well 3DNow is it possible for you to kill this new version i don’t think so!!! :-TD

Amazing program guys yet again… Nice work! :-TU been following the BETA’s since release and I am very impressed.

Great Job DiskShield Team! :-TU I can’t wait till this is integrated into CIS, It will be a very powerful solution.


:o the session saving really works. That’s a really great feature!

Pls add these. :slight_smile:


But it has it already!

NEW! Virtual Drives: You can define a virtual drive in which all the data will persist after a reboot


It’s the background that changes.

You can turn it of in Tools, Settings.


Thanks again Melih.


Hello just wondering exactly what I could use “Virtual drive” for?

Would I install web browsers or risky apps to this drive?

Does it communicate to the main drive?

I have the same question too…

Lets say you want to use CDS permanently and you use the PC/Laptop for your stuff and create docs, have music etc. You want a drive that does not get resetted at every startup! So by having this virtual drive and using it as lets say “my documents” folder, then you can do whatever you like to your system and let your system recover using CDS at the next start up without loosing your docs etc that are stored in this virtual drive!. (its don’t reset this drive kind of drive! its a persistent drive that keeps the data and doesn’t get reset).


Just tried it and I think it is GREAT!!! I like the Virtual Drive and Session. Still downloading CIS…

 Congratulations on the new release!!  A question to the regular users of CDS.  Aside from allowing you to make virtual drives, do you have the option of protecting a specific drive for a multi partition/physical drive system?  For example, my system has two drives, the system drive and the data drive and only want to protect the system drive/partition.  So basically by only protecting the system partition, I can save all downloads to the data drive without making a virtual drive.  Is this possible with the current build of CDS?  Thanks!!!


Why to bother with virtual drive in this scenario which is dependent on 3rd party software looking from OS point of view. It is much more simple to use your second hard drive or second partition. Computers with one hard drive which has just one partition are very rare in these days.

I think most people would like to have an option to exclude some folders and/or files from shielded partition without a need to move or reinstall software to a second partition whether it is virtual or real one. Exluding folders and files from shielded partition should be transparent for a user and system. Returnil 2.0 beta has similar function. I wonder why it isn’t included in CDS nor even considered to be added.

I applaud that Comodo is seriously interested in developing a virtualization product. This endeavor truly interests me, however, COMODO DiskShield should, in my opinion, stop all development of “Virtual Drives” as a means to accomplish this or at least limit their use markedly. They are inconvenient, cumbersome, and just not a viable solution for “save - across - reboot” solutions for the average user. Virtual Drives will confuse many… needlessly.

I hope ya’ll the best but there are products available that dismiss the the notion of V-Drives. The ones I like are geared towards the “User.” The key is simplicity. Please reconsider the use of V-Drives as the primary way to accomplish “save - across - reboot”.

I know that a “save - across - reboot” solution is is the Holy Grail of light virtualization but it should (must) be easy and intuitive for the users and without the dependency of virtual drives. There lies the rub… None have found a reliable way yet.

Best wishes


all these features will come in good time…

I think we are making some amazing progress in such short period of time and what we release is not the end of development, but just the beginning! So keep your wishlists coming and you will the product flourishing!


afaik yes…
we even formatted the protected drive and then pressed restart :slight_smile: and voila!!! it started as if nothing had happened!!! :slight_smile:



 Thanks for the clarification!  So it's like the pro version of Returnil.  Can't wait for this to come out of beta!