comodo disconnecting dsl frequently...

Hi all!
I just installed newest comodo firewall. I’ve had sygate before…like last four years and I thougt it’s time to switch for another one. I saw poll where comodo was rated number one firewall. Sygate was rated “very poor”.
Now I have this dsl disconnecting problem after I installed comodo. It seems that comodo won’t let windows to renew ip or something like that. This happens like once in hour. Restarting pc helps right away and also exiting firewall for just few secs while renewing ipaddress…(I think it’s relatively safe, cause it’s only few secs without firewall). Then I switched right away to allow all —> to custom.
Does anyone else have this problem? I browsed through that component list in comodo and all necessary windows components are allowed to access internet. I also did all the leak tests in and firewall seems to be working just fine…except this disconnecting problem. I know Comodo is causing this problem, since I haven’t had any dsl issues in year or so. This problem occurred right after installing comodo. Solutions, anyone??? :■■■■

Welcome Andy77,

I had a very similar problem like this. My connection was dying after just 1 hour and I have been forced to reboot my computer. I searched the reason and explored that was because of lease time of DHCP server. I changed it to 1 day from 1 hour and my problem has been resolved.

I suggest you check DHCP server’s lease time in your DSL modem.


Hi aXes!

I think I fixed the problem. I let allowed svchost.exe access the internet and I Haven’t had any disconnecting problem…let’s see… in 3 hours. It was disconneting like once in hour justlike you said. I’ll try that dhcp server thingy too later on… Thank you for replying dude!

Yes. svchost.exe is an important Windows process for proper functioning of Windows Updates and even internet connection like in your case.