Comodo disabling Windows Vista's Network Map?

So, I just had a new router installed (an upgrade from my ISP), and while I was making sure everything on my computer was woring properly with the new router, I decided to mess around with Windows Vista’s Network and Sharing Centre. I clicked on “View full map”, only to receive an error message that goes:

“Windows is unable to create the network map. Responses from the other devices on the network are delayed or there is an incompatitable router on the network.”

A look around on the Google on this error reveals that this can sometimes be caused by a firewall. So, I tried to set everything in the firewall properly, enabling access to the local network (as automatically detected by the firewall), allowed System and svchost access, and did everything I could possibly think of, and still the error persisted. Uninstalling the firewall and using Windows Firewall with file and printer sharing enabled solved the problem. The first time I reinstalled Comodo Firewall, the network map still worked, but the firewall appeared not to be detecting any network connections at all. I reinstalled it again and finally got that working properly, but the network map error returned. Disabling the firewall and exiting the application seemed to be of no use - the error persists until I uninstall Comodo Firewall.

I am at the end of my tether trying to get Comodo up and running with the Network Map functionality intact. Can anyone help me with this one?

Make Sure That Windows Firewall Is Turned Off When CIS Is Installed

I had the same problem. I don’t think that the Windows firewall has anything to do with it. What I noticed was that when my network adapter was trying to “identify” the connection to my home network, I would not be able to view the network map.

Once it had finished “identifying” it and said “currently connected to” my network, then I could view the network map without any problems. Also, another setting that you might want to check (although I don’t know if it affects this issue or not), is the “Stealth Ports Wizard” in “common tasks” under the firewall tab of CIS. I set mine to “Define a new trusted network, and stealth my ports to everyone else” and then selected my network.

I have already checked all of that, and still it fails.

Already done that when I reinstalled it.

Did you use the Stealth Ports Wizard to add the local network zone as a trusted network? Or did you manually edit the global rules accordingly?

Apologies for taking such a long time to reply, as I was mostly either occupied or too tired to bother with this for the last few weeks.

I did, but then I modified the Local Area Network zone list the wizard created for me by using the My Network Zones dialog. The entries are: ← My computer’s IP address ← The router’s IP address

In Network Security Policy I have the firewall set to allow svchost.exe to accept incoming UDP packets from this local area network, from any source port to any destination port regardless of destination IP address. The system and global rules also have the rules set by the Stealth Ports wizard set as well. Firewall behaviour settings is set to Safe Mode.

Still, the network map functionality in Windows Vista fails. What’s wrong?

I have the exact same problem, with both my Vista computer and Win 7, with Comodo installed on the Win 7 computer. As far as I can tell the windows network relies on LLTD Protocol to identify the other computers in the network. I don’t see anywhere in Comodo where LLTD is a choice to be allowed or disallowed. LLTD is short for the Link Layer Topology Discovery Protocol. The only protocols I see in Comodo are UDP, TCP, ICMP. Perhaps if Comodo would allow LLTD in the options for protocols the windows discovery of computers and devices would work, but maybe not.

My network printer seems to work. And using internet explorer I can http to the printer and also to the routers. I can even ping these devices. But, Windows will not show the devices or the other computers on the network, which makes it very difficult to ‘share’ files between computers. Not sure what else to do except uninstall Comodo. . . :frowning: My Norton Internet Security did not give me any such problem on my Vista computer.

Even disabling the Firewall does not fix the problem with the windows Network Map, so it’s not a problem with allowing the correct zones or IP address access.
The only thing that works is Uninstalling. Must be something in the progam Network Driver which is interfering with proper operation of the Network Map.

Why : ← My computer’s IP address ← The router’s IP address

one of this is redundant

192.168.1.x/ (x= 1 to 254) = adress form to
(o in mask permit all 1=>255)