Comodo did not identify when it changed "My Network Zones"

I have just installed and configured a Wireless router.

This involved quite a few pop-ups and dialogue windows,
one of which announced that a new something had been detected, and asked for a name to allocate, and also gave of choice of whether or not to automatically accept any additional items that might be detected.

When I finished the installation I reviewed the configuration and was a little surprised that my allocated name was absent. I was even more surprised when I found my allocated name was present in Comodo’s “My Network Zones”.

I had not realised I was responding to a Comodo dialogue window because I saw no indication it came from Comodo.

In my case no harm was done - I doubt that I would have given a different answer if I had known who the question came from, but other people may well be altering security / malware protection that is unrelated to Comodo, and if Comodo gives then an anonymous Dialogue their response could be in-appropriate.