comodo did not detect or cleaned virus W32.Harakit

my network being attacked by virus worm W32.Harakit, it cannot detect or clean it… what to do?

please follow these steps and see if it works.
1> disable windows restore function.(xp and vista)
2>boot the system in safe mode and try running a full system scan.delete/quarantine all the malwares found.
3>if it doesn’t work, can your system with an online av scanner.

Its better to scan in the safe mode if you could.
scan the system with a good antispyware as well.


I don’t think CIS is able to run in safe mode :frowning: so I suggest you to install and run malwarebytes and superantispyware. They are vesy good at removing malware.

How do you know you have virus worm W32.Harakit?

It seems to be a Symantec name, but everyone names it differently.

What files are being identified and what by?

If you can see the process in the CIS GUI you can terminate it and block it.