Comodo did not catch this one!

I was looking on the world Wide web the other day looking for Ten Commandment Screen Saver.After look and installing one called 7 days.Witch I downloaded and ran a virus scan on.It said there was no viruse in the file.I installed the screen saver.With in 10 mins my pc started running funny.Strange pop up saying you pc is taken action now to block Trojan.Zob.G virus.
I got very confussed as to what this was talking about.Then I remember the file,that Comodo said was not a virus.Took me about 3 hours how to find a place to tell me how to remove this virus.

1.start the pc in safe mode! To do this restart your pc,keep your finger on the F8 key.

2.Find the file that says Google!

3.Delete this hole file.

Trojan.Zlob.G is an old modification of Zlob trojan (Symantec described this threat 3 years ago). But today russian scammers use “Trojan.Zlob.G” name to scare users and force to download and than purchase Perfect Defender 2009 rogue anti-spyware. Special trojan (usually Vundo) displays fake “Security center alert” stating that your PC is seriously infected with Trojan.Zlob.G infection. We recommend to remove Trojan.Zlob.G popup and Vundo malware using Spyware Doctor + antivirus (with free scan).