Comodo Diagnostics FAILS TO FIX ON REBOOT the errors it claims.

What is even worse, they do not identify the errors, so when I rerun the diagnostics I do not know if it is still complaining about the same errors, or if it has un-earthed deeper level errors,
so I do not know if all errors will be removed if I persist in fixing and rebooting indefinitely.

In addition, I have no data to report for a bug fix.
The bug that got me has got me so good I could not Google to see what got me.

Fortuitously a few hundred other people seem to have responded to the bug that got me at :-
Quote from: egemen on Yesterday at 10:45:31 AM
Because of an issue with the latest virus database, some computers might observe significant CPU consumption problems caused by cmdagent.exe.

I learnt from the first post in the above topic that the problem could be fixed by manual operation of entering Safe Mode and copying …\repair\bases.cav

I request the following improvements to Diagnostics :-

  1. Upon finding errors it should identify the errors sufficiently to show if the same error re-appears after fixing, and also produce an error report to assist bug reporting ;
  2. Warn that all other programmes and files should be closed before allowing diagnostics to “Fix” the problem ;
  3. After “Fixing” the problem it should reboot and automatically re-run the diagnostics to confirm it got fixed good ;
  4. If all else fails, it should at least recommend a REPAIR in Safe mode, and put a *.BAT script on the desktop to execute all the actions required.
    n.b. 4 through to 98 are to allow for various levels of successive desperation at automatic resolution.

All was well until I logged off for lunch yesterday.
After lunch I rebooted and it was slow - so slow to start.
I launched Firefox and ran Gmail - but it stuttered and timed out.
I tried Google for “e” and got “e = 2.71828183” but not much else before it timed out.
I thought the Internet had died, or Comodo had seized up, or my hardware was dead.
I rebooted and nothing at all happened after I logged in.
I could not even launch Task Manager to “See what’s up”.

I rebooted and managed to launch Task Manager immediately after logging in.
Then cmdagent swallowed all the processor cycles for more than 10 minutes,
after which the CPU time consumed by cmdagent.exe was over 10 minutes,
and System Idle process had only taken 10 seconds.
Although Task Manager process runs at HIGH priority and cmdagent at NORMAL priority,
cmdagent appear to be block all activity of everything but itself.
To click from one tab to another in Task manager I had to sustain a 5 second dwell before I released the button - otherwise my click was not recognised.
Once cmdagent had wasted more than 10 minutes of my life, the system became mine until I tried to do anything, and then it went back to 100%.
I tried “Last Good” and the problem remained.
I disabled AV and Firewall and Defense+ and the problem remained
System Restore to the previous day did not cure it.

I restored an Acronis Partition image from several weeks ago. and everything was fine.
I knew then my hardware was fine, as was the Internet.
I knew the problem was not a sneaky Microsoft Update because I always block them for the first week to see what happens to the early adopters.
The only automatic updates on my P.C. are the signature database so I immediately looked in the Comodo settings for any manual control - but found none.
I considered my suspicions well founded when I got on line and came here to complain about the 100% CPU bug, and found the problem already posted.

I am posting this to additionally complain about the way in which Diagnostics has badly failed to achieve its purpose when faced with this particular problem,
and I suspect that Diagnostics will similarly not be “Fit For Purpose” with many future problems.


Apologies to Moderators - I intended this to be a bug report, and only realised I was posting in the “News” section after I posted - and by then it was too late for me to move it.

Do you want any of us to delete the topic in Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS?




Yes Please


I’ve got a similar bug.

According to a heads-up on its Security Response Center blog, Microsoft plans to release 13 patch bundles (eight critical and five important) that address at least 34 vulnerabilities ( ), affecting Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Silverlight, Forefront, Developer Tools, and SQL Server… Bloody record :wink:


Thanks. As if I wasn’t depressed enough ! ! !

In the light of your news flash Comodo is definitely amongst the Good Guys,
even though it has recently caused a little accidental and un-intentional harm

Silverlight yet again

This is going to be the third time that Patch Tuesday will try to smuggle Silverlight on board.
Every time I forbid the download,
Every time it still dumps a EULA giving both M.S. and its un-named “partners” the right to install further programs without notice, and to also extract information from my P.C. and to share it amongst themselves and others.


I boot with Ubuntu such days try it :wink:

I forbid some MS updates for years … until they finaly came in my PCs under a different way ( SP, .net, critical ‘‘genuine’’ etc …).