Comodo diagnostic reports System Safety Monitor --- I unistalled it

Comodo V3 crashed a few times on me when I was looking at the Firewall Events List…by using the More button. I thought it was strange there were no events listed.

So, I unistalled it and reinstalled it. Ran the diagnostics and the report is attached. System Safety Monitor WAS installed the first time I installed V3, but I uninstalled it AFTER the first Comodo V3 installation. I searched the hard drive and the registry and I can’t find any references to it.

(or, I don’t remember, it (Safety Monitor) may have been installed during Version 2 and then uninstalled then, before I upgraded to V3.)

Also, I exported the configuration before I uninstalled Comodo Firewall V3, and imported it back after I reinstalled. That didn’t seem to make any difference as the learned behavior from the first install didn’t seem to get imported again.

Please advise on these issues…

  1. why is System Safe Monitor being reported when it is not on the system?
  2. what might have been causing th firewall to crash?
  3. why didn’t the configuration import bring in the prior learned behavior

And, what actions do I need to take?

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Hello xanpatagon

  1. There is definitely leftovers on your system from System Safety Monitor When you uninstalled it, it left some stuff behind and you will need a good registry cleaner to get it all out and if there are legacy keys that are conflicting you may have to do a manual clean of your registry. Try RegSeeker if you need a good cleaner.

This also will cause 2) and 3) to happen. Your diagnostics report definitely stated an incompatibility. So if you take care of this and also get rid of all of the bad install of CFP -3 I think you will find that it will install properly and will not cause you these problems.

Hope this helps. Let us know.



Great! I ran a registry fixer and that took away the Comodo diagnostic error.

Do I need to reinstall CF-3?

If so, do I need to uninstall it first?


Not if it is working alright for you now. If it is not working right, uninstall in safe mode preferably. Clean up your registry again and reinstall again.