Comodo detects a Rootkit.HiddenValue[at]0 but fails to remove.

A scan finds a Rootkit at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\load but fails to remove it.

Any help? Running Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3. CIS version 5.12.256249.2599.

Best bet would be to run a scan with Comodo Rescue Disk (CRD). You can find more info and some screen shots here;msg646926#msg646926

Malwarebytes just launched an antirootkit tool. I have not used it but I am guessing it it good.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Will be giving both of those a try, although after upgrading to CIS v.6, Comodo no longer detects that. Here’s to hoping it was a false positive.

Allways get a second opinion of another antivirus that has no guard itself.
Malwarebytes free
Emsisoft free