Comodo detecting threats in files I know are safe.

Hi. Comodo keeps reporting threats in files I know are safe like game executables. So I quaranteen them but then I obviously can’t run the game. And the annoying this is when I look for the file in quaranteen to restore it so I can play the game the quaranteen is empty.

So my question is is Comodo right? Are these executables becoming infected or is it making a mistake? Can I ignore it when it does that?

Many thanks.

These are most likely false positives. You can check with Virus Total (only files up tp 10MB in size) to see what other scanners think about it.

When you think they are safe you can choose to add to exclusions.

When you feel like the little extra work you can submit these files to Comodo as false positives following [url=]How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !

Actually, it appears that VirusTotal can scan files up to 20MB in size. See this:

Also, FWI the fastest way to get false positives fixed is to upload them to the Comodo Malware/False-Positive Submission site.