Comodo detecting everything as Virus.win32.Qvod Multitude of alerts

as you can see by the images it reporting everything as Virus.win32.qvod its very annoying this is unacceptable I got very lucky before it started detecting critical windows system files

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Hi crowruin,

Please submit the detected files using the following link:

Thank you!


Well it turns out is was a legit Virus infection sorry for the confusion I already took care of the virus myself my computer is back up and running good no need to worry.

it was Virus.Win32.Padtre.L!
it was an extremely stubborn virus :stuck_out_tongue: kept getting into my usb drive and comodo was detecting it and removing it like almost every second!!

it was a fun challenge for me >:-D the 3 years in computer security and internet security helped alot :smiley: