Comodo detected the malware which is missed by kaspersky, avast etc.

Hi everyone,
Today i downloaded 1 zip file from one the malware website which had malware in it, so i uploaded that file to the results i got surprised me and so i decided i will share them with you people.
Kaspersky, avast, rising antivirus, F secure, G data, rising AV, and many other antivirus companies not found malware in it but comodo antivirus detected it. have a look.
:a0 well done comodo. :-TU

Thanks for that Deven.

Unfortunately this is something that will happen with any AV vendor :frowning: They are all guaranteed to miss some! Cos none of them have 100% of all the malware in the world… just not practical. This is why users must not rely on AV as their first line of defense!

Default Deny Protection is the way forward! Default Allow Systems are dead!


Agreed 100% :-TU

Yes melih,


Here is another piece of malware i just downloaded in zip format and sent it to
Malware is not detected by kaspersky, avast, Gdata, avg, etc. but detected by comodo (and other antivirus also) this is just to show some examples where we see comodo detection is better in randomly downloaded and sent malware files, i m just doing this like experiement, not to prove that other antivirus are loosers but at times they also miss malwares.
VirScan - 多引擎文件在线检测平台

I really hope my work in the malware group is proving useful, I have been really trying to submit as many zero day samples as I can find and also older ones. I want to help bring the av in the top 3, and I think it is on the way there. :slight_smile:

Apparently YouTube comments are spreading malware pretty quickly. Here’s an article on the Panda Labs blog. YouTube riddled with comments leading to Malware

I always ignore the comments, but if you’re looking for malware, that might be an avenue to pursue.

I’ve downloaded it too,but what are you doing in these chinese sites? ;D

Indeed… thank you for this Deven, much appreciated…this is a fact not many people really realize.


Yes melih thats why i will upload more of such reports.

I did not paid attention if site was chinese though ;D

Thanks for info.

Did you test those 2 files?
I mean activities.
There is a point of sameness. “Packed”
Also 2files are Keygens.
Where did you download them?
Can you show me?
I would like to check it out.
I don’t trust and Virustotal.
We need a real test.
Can you share us your testing result?

Yes indeed Languy99. :a0 keep sending more & more. Thanks for reply.

I scanned it with CAV and it detected unclassified malware in it. i can not share my results now as i deleted those files.

It means you didn’t test by yourself.
You only tested it with CAV.
Many antivirus software recognize keygens, packed files as a virus.
(sure there are many exceptions :D)
There are many FP with keygens, packed files.

I m downloading randomly cracks, patches, etc. from ■■■■■ websites & submitting to for test. Today in morning time i decided to check again :a0
Here is another piece of malware in zip file uploaded to
kaspersky, avast, avg, rising antivirus, GDATA, etc. missed it
Comodo detected the malware and some other antivirus also detected it. have a look
VirScan - 多引擎文件在线检测平台
This to me proves CAV detection rate improving faster than even leading antivirus companies like kaspersky, avast, etc.
Well done Comodo :-TU

Proof is in the pudding. doesn’t lie.

Thanks for additional info