comodo detect houdini 3D animation files

comodo detect houdini extract installer files

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Hi hicham0716,

Thanks for reporting. We’ll check this.

Regards !

after i try houdini intaller for the free edition for student
i think they completley infect it to spy computers
there’s to much exe like hserver.exe injection in the system 32
and much exe all suspiouse files
and there’s no unistaller option
that’s all show it’s big pirates from houdini company
i delete all files and all there files from system 32 and im trying that too in regedit
so what too to delete it from my pc at all

Hi hicham0716,

The file you reported above with SHA: 0ed93e1a0226e2e3f2d1852a6539a27897378f42 was checked and found to be a false positive. It will be fixed in next few updates.

Regards !

You could install it again.
Then you can use revo uninstaller (load it from a trusted source) to completely remove all traces.
Or another program like that.

I dont know the program you were talking about. My suggestion is based on the assumption that its not malware.

Hello hicham0716,

This False Positive has been fixed.You can update to AV database Version 13201 of Comodo Internet Security Version 5.10.228257.2253 and confirm it.

Best regards,

my bro thanks for everything
at all houdini is 3D animation for film making and visual effects
it’s new professional program like 3D MAX Etc
that’s the free edition which has this much exe all comodo detect them as malware

Hi hicham0716,

There is few different installers. Please, submit detected files.

Kild Regards,
Erik M.