Comodo Detect Buffer Overflow, developer say it's a false detection.

When i start jv16 Powertools 2011 i get this message:

It have also been talked about in this thread:

On the Macecraft forums, they say it’s a false detection: jv16 Power Tools - Index page

Not quite sure why you started another thread. ???

As was mentioned in the other thread, Comodo can’t fix a buffer overflow detection. That is something that the applications programmers need to address…

Add the application to Defense+ → Defense+ Settings → Execution Control Settings → Exclusions.

  1. The other thread got locked, and we were told to write here about the issue instead.

  2. The vendor of jv16 Powertools say it’s a false detection, so now i would like to hear from 1 of the staff of Comodo, or Melih himself. instead of just being asked about sending the file as i did in the other thread, were they tested it as if it was a FP to the AV.

a buffer over flow is not a false detection. What is has to do is with how JV16 built their software and how it is acting in memory. It must be doing something that is triggering the Buffer overflow detection of comodo, almost no other software does that so they have to fix their program and how it accesses the memory or programs in memory to stop the alert. Comodo cannot do anything to fix their program, all you can do is add it to exclusion till JV16 fixes it.

languy99 so there is no way BO’s can be false detections? I don’t know much about BO’s.

And then the problem is just JV16 did say

Sounds like a false detection, hopefully Comodo fixes this.
so i guess they won’t fix it then…

think of the BO as a guard for the ram. There are no definitions or anything like that. It watches how programs behave in memory, if the program running does something in memory it should not do, it will pop up and tell you. The only time I have seen BO pop ups is from malware or very poorly programed software. (usually games)

It sounds to me that they are trying to say it is comodo’s fault so they don’t have to go back and fix the problem. Nothing much comodo can do about that, if you want to show them you are not happy stop using their program.

Thx, closing my thread, if any mods have anything else to say they are welcome to unlock it. :slight_smile:

languy99 and thanks for the explanations, i hope it’s ok i quoted them, and wrote them on their forum. :slight_smile: