Comodo Desktop Utility Software is launched! full system utilites

pls let us know what you think…


Is this the software that I asked for?!? :BNC Checkin it out!! Way to go!

It’s an ambitions attempt. :slight_smile: I like that there are separate .exe files for the different features. Makes the main CWT .exe less bloated and I guess it’s easier to track bugs/problems in each sub-exe file!


well… what do u want me to do? You asked for it!!! :slight_smile:


its only the beginning…

this first step is the A in the Ambitious yet… :slight_smile:


Great work comodo!

Soon I won’t have any need for another tool, Comodo all the way.
The best thing about it is that every program that comes from comodo is a quality product that is fast effective and is total optional to the “total package”

yep. in the end, it will be CIS and COMODO utility suite that will replace most other apps for me :-TU

I hope this is also the case for me too, Keeping SUPERAntispyware & CCleaner for now though. :slight_smile:


Go pat your devs. :wink:

I only got a tiny bit of time to play with it on my VM, then I did something (I’m always doing something) on my host PC that jammed my computer so I had to restart. Too bad I have DiskShield on my VM, so it is uninstalled now. Going to check it out again.