"Comodo Desktop Suite"

Here’s a suggestion:

Make something like “Comodo Desktop Suite” (or something like that) that has a lot of Comodo’s free programs, like CFP3, CAV, Registry Cleaner, and a lot of the other free programs all in one (I don’t like having to download all these different programs).

it’s been developed :slight_smile:
comodo internet security

currently it’s in BETA stage.

As Ganda, stated: COMODO Internet Security is under BETA and in the future more security products will be added to the suite.

We will have another “Utility Suite” for the Registry Cleaner, etc for Utilities down the line I believe… As you know all this will take time and we have only CRC as the only Utility at the moment. :THNK


I knew there was CIS, but I didn’t know that they were going to add more to it. I was meaning something like adding ALL of the free products/programs into one product (have more than CIS).

oh yes, they will :-TU

In the end probably every security program created by Comodo will be integrated and a separate Suite for the optimizing software

I said PROBABLY, this means I’m not sure of it :slight_smile:


I would like that (I love suites).

we are looking for a brand name for this desktop utilities range.

we would love to hear your opinion about what you think it should be named.
pls go ahead and suggest.

I love it when the CEO posts. (:LGH)

Comodo Security Suite (like the other one I guess)
Comodo Optimization Suite
Comodo Desktop Suite
?Comodo Servicing Suite?
Comodo Get-It-All :smiley:
Comodo Complete
Comodo Essentials
Comodo Requisite (not totally sure if this will fit, just found it in the thesaurus ^_^)

Hope some of these are useful.

lets come up with a name that doesn’t have Comodo in it…


Oh, well, for some you could take the “Comodo” away, but here are some more:

Optimization Essentials
PC Fundamentals
Desktop Enhance
Utility Suite

And you could add some of these together and come up with a different name.

Tell me if you need more

P.S. Maybe I can tell some kids I know to look for good names for a extra school project. (:LGH)

You’re the boss :smiley: but if you guys are working so hard to develop Comodo as a name you can trust, why wouldn’t you want to incliude the name? Seems to me that the name recognition would be beneficial.

I agree. I like the ‘Comodo’ in brand names. (:LGH)

P.S. I just noticed now that yesterday I had one star, now I have three. Yeah!!! (:KWL)

We believe the name of “Comodo” should be reserved for “Trust and Security” related products and services. This is important so that the name of Comodo will evoke Trust and Security in user’s mind. Hence we are looking for a new brand. Extending the same brand onto other products called Brand extension and you can read here about it.

thank you for the suggestions so far…
We want MORE MORE MORE please :slight_smile:

Hi Melih, how about “US” (Utility Suite) :-TU and on the landing page for this suite denote "Put your trust in, “US” above the offered suite.
Regards & Cheers :Beer
Xman (:KWL)

i like the word “Excell”, hmm maybe like eXcell optimizer or something like that :THNK

Well Comodo Registry Cleaner is not a Security program, but it has ‘Comodo’ in it’s name.

Yes, hence why are asking to come up with a new name for it.
your help will be appreciated.


ahhh. not for long. wont CRC have an updated database of entries to scan for malware registry keys?
yea, i know its still not a “security” app


Oh, you want a new name for that too? How about just plain ‘Registry Cleaner’? ;D