Comodo Desktop Search

I have tried nearly every desktop search tool out there. Of all of them, X1 seems the most thought out, however there are a number of design deficiencies that the company does not appear to be racing to correct. In fact, as they have migrated from being a personal to corporate tool, they have removed features. It is also a resource hog. These are the things that would make for a great desktop search tool:

  1. The current present features/basic functionality in X1, plus
  2. full compatibilitywith Eudora/Thunderbird (Mozilla bought the code for Eudora and will be coming out with a new version of it), including the ability to accurately report the status of the email: queued, sent, rec’d, fwd, redirect, draft
  3. integration with Google search
  4. full compatibility with Firefox (ability to peruse and search pages whose URLs reside in bookmarks or history file)
  5. full compatibility with Awasu (ability to search the pages whose feeds reside in Awasu) If you have not heard of Awasu, it is an RSS newsreader that can read RSS, Atom, and HTML (By way of a plug in ). It has it’s own built in search, but integrated in desktop search would be ideal. One of the big 4 recently licensed Awasu to be deployed on their desktops throughout Europe.) It’s an outstanding tool, and free for personal use.
  6. Integration with Commence. X1 has placed a lot of emphasis in working with Microsoft’s office applications (and who can blame them?) but Commence is licensed by many multi-billion dollar companies and is deployed worldwide (They list several of their clients on the web site). To be able to index and search data residing within it would be great. It interfaces with Outlook presently.
  7. Ability to index the content on USB and CD/DVD drives
  8. Designed to use Windows theme fonts, etc
  9. Ability to customize appearance with colors and fonts, etc.
  10. Inline graphics in email messages preview properly in the preview window.
  11. Index IM messages (I use Trillian for MSN, Yahoo and AIM)
  12. A mouse over of the system tray icon reports degree of indexing

I understand that there is signifcant revenue to be realized by incorporating Google’s search in one’s desktop tools, so this may be a worthwhile endeavor for you to undertake. In addition, if you can come out with something better than X1, it may attract paying corporate clients.
Many thanks in advance. I look forward to your comments!