Comodo Desktop Search continued

I have some additional related ideas to share concerning Comodo Desktop Search:

icon should turn green if indexing complete, oscillating (‘beating’) red if indexing in progress, and greyed if indexing paused. Also, a simple ‘right click’ option on the tray icon to pause indexing.

System Tray Icon can be animated, to show what’s going on.

ie: VCR style buttons, to show:

-a “Play” button to show CDS is doing its regularly scheduled indexing,

-a “Pause” button if user had manually stopped CDS from indexing,

-right-click CDS System Tray Icon to “Manually Index Email Now”

-right-click CDS System Tray Icon to “Manually Index Files Now”


Also, indexing of removable media and reporting on its contents even if it isn’t attached. For example, the ability to index one’s music or video collection, and tags and locate the desired recording through CDS.

Index shouldn’t consume more than 10-20% of actual indexed files, so a special compression algorithym would be very helpful.