COMODO designs do an isolated sand table?

Is a program a sand table, sand table within program mutual between cannot read, because I found if sand table inside of program each other between can visits, so dang a virus in sand table within run of Shi Hou, he will harm to sand table within of all program, such as a stolen MSN of virus, he into Sha has cannot on sand table outside of program caused harm, but he can on sand table within program caused harm.
Or you can call another metaphor, running in the browser at the sand table, if sand table in running a virus, the virus may be entered on the browser of the user name and password, and then sent.

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I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here, but if you’re asking if you can run your browser inside Comodo’s sandbox, then the answer is yes.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Always Sandbox.

Files that you add to this list will be running isolated from the normal operating system.

So yes, the theory is that if you get an infection while browsing the internet, it shouldn’t infect the rest of your computer because the malware is running inside the sandbox, which is isolated.

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I meant to say, if the sand table is run the virus, and the application, the virus program that can steal the sand table data.