Comodo delays shutdown

I konw this has been discussed on here as it’s quite a common problem, but I couldn’t find a solution.

Only happened since updating to the latest version of CIS. I am running XP service pack 3, with AVG free.

When shutting down the pc, I get a ‘cfp.exe’ not responding message, and windows hangs and takes several minutes to shut down.

I gather there seems to be a conflict with AVG but I’ve tried adding cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe to the AVG resident shield exeption list but it makes no difference.

Any help appreciated.

do you use the resident shield of avg together with defense+ and sandbox of comodo?

i dont know the avg features. but it sounds a bit like they might could interfere with each other.
what do you need the shield for?

I played around around with various settings, turning off the shield, just having the firewall on its own etc but they still appeared to conflict with each other.

I have now replaced AVG with Avast and all appears to be running well. Opinion varies but Avast seems to have got a better reputation the AVG AV anyway.

No problems with the old version of Comodo though - a lot of people have had the AVG/latest Comodo conflict - would be good if a solution was found.

yes problems should be solved. you can post in the topics here about avg that you have seen a problem too. strange what happens with avg.
i never used avg.
hopefully avast fits your expectations.